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Our mission is to provide quality education of global standards to working professionals on a strong foundation of Indian values and traditions to students based more....
AIMT gaves a path to early success in life through its courses. These courses consist of concepts, case studies and industrial
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Admission open for the year 2024 in MBA, EMBA, MCA, B.E, M.E, BBA, BCA, ADBM and Diploma Cources

Admission open for the year 2024 in MBA, EMBA, MCA, B.E, M.E, BBA, BCA, ADBM and Diploma Cources

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Dear Students,

Welcome toADVANCE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Technology. In this climate of great economic change and competition there is a need for a bang up to date knowledge which is accessible even to people who normally avoid the subject and knowledge which can really claim to be up to date must recognize and provide for the profound changes which are taking place in the way. Successful people have flexible minds and recognized attitudes for what they are, adapted to conditions they obsolete when times have changes, they don’t doggedly hold on to attitudes developed to cope with the conditions of yesterday. They grasp the nettle that we have moved on into another phase, and new, more appropriate attitudes have to be formed or adopted attitudes are never right or wrong in absolute terms, only more or less appropriate.Increasingly, management programs previously, provided by the state have acquired global importance, it requires to increase the management awareness in different field among the population, it is not only knowledge and skills which must be quickly learned.Attitudes, too must change long standing institutional attitudes, appropriate for the candidates of the past must now be discarded faster and then they were acquired as the circumstances for which they were appropriate are disappearing over right. Consequently, this real meanings and rationale underlying the obsolete and the newly fasten emerging management values and arrangements. It is aimed at students and business people alike. In the knowledge and skill section it is designed to be comprehensive but user friendly as possible. So whether you works in a larger or small organization or still preparing for a future career, it is hoped that, this management program will set you think critically about such issues as accountability, efficiency, development and changes. We hope too, that it will help you play your part-as we all must-in constantly finding better ways of managing our social and business needs in the future.


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